The LHPS Student Council, comprising of children from both primary and secondary sections of the school, functions as an advisory body for all matters pertaining to Student activities and is at the heart of Student Life at DAIS. They work in co-operation with all branches of academic faculty and administrative staff and formally represents the Student Body organising and running all scholastic, cultural and sporting events conducted by the School. In this, they represent student opinions and issues at all levels and work towards the realisation of the same. They are consulted during the formulation of all Student-related policies, provided with an opportunity at all times to express opinion regarding decisions taken by the school, allowed to function independently and flexibly as well as provided with the facilities requested for during the execution of Student Council Functions.

The very selection of the Student Council body is a study of the democratic process and involves peers, teachers and heads.

The Student Council works closely with the School Heads and chalks out the annual Events calendar, organising different events throughout the year by taking into consideration academic deadlines; they also take the initiative to conceptualise and execute new events/competitions for students. In this, they act upon suggestions received directly from the Student Body, coordinates with the school administration to provide logistical assistance in the conduct of official school events and keeps the respective Houses informed about all Inter-House activities.