Primary Curriculum

Class I to Class III
Between five and eight years of age, body proportions and motor skills become more refined. By age five, a child’s vocabulary will grow to approximately 1,500 words. Five year-olds are also able to produce five-to seven-word sentences, learn to use the past tense, and tell familiar stories using pictures as cues. Language is a powerful tool to enhance cognitive development. Using language allows the child to communicate with others and solve problems. Apart from Maths, English, Hindi, E.V.S. and Computer Science, emphasis is laid on Visual and Performing Arts, Value Education and General Knowledge.

Class IV to Class V
The primary developmental task for children at this age is integration, both in terms of development within the individual and of the individual within the social context. Children are learning skills such as classification and forming hypotheses. In accordance with this , students are introduced to Social Studies. In addition to the subjects learned in the previous class, the school offers the students the choice to learn as a Third Language.