Non-Sporting Activities

GK and Quiz

General Knowledge is an important tool to perceive, analyse and understand the world. It adds value both in cultural and academic terms and plays a signi´Čücant role helping people connect in vibrant multicultural hubs. Quizzing adds the fun quotient in this activity.


Calligraphy is equivalent to scholarly cultivation. Apart from a good handwriting, it aids students in improving their concentration and in expressing themselves more artistically.


Food is inescapable: no matter where it is you are, you always need to eat! However, the ability to turn this necessity into something enjoyable is a true skill and one that students master through the Cookery class.

Pot Design

Students are encouraged to think creatively and independently and produce original and exciting works made from clay. Pot Designing competition are held regularly to encourage students to make them able to blend Indian Old Art with a western idea. This makes the students to appreciate different art forms.