Dear Parent or Guardian,
Thank you for your interest in having your child considered for admission to Little hearts School. The admission process is as follows: Complete the application forms and submit the non-refundable application fee of 150 Rupees. This fee can also be paid online.

Once we review the completed application materials, you will receive an email informing you whether or not the applicant will be invited for interview and testing.

  • If the student is not invited for an interview, this will bring the admissions process to an end.
  • If the student is invited to the school for an interview and testing, we will arrange a time and date for a visit.

Once the admissions test and interview have been completed, the Admissions Committee will review the completed application and reach one of the following decisions:

  • An offer of conditional acceptance
  • A letter declining admission
  • The addition of the applicant to a waiting pool. Applicants placed in the waiting pool will receive a final decision As Soon As Possible

The L.H.P.S academic year begins April, with a summer break from 1st week of June to Last week of June and a winter break from 1st week of January to mid of January. The school year ends in 2nd week of March.

Admission Procedure For Classes II – IX And XI
All students will have to appear for an Aptitude Test in English, Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge and Hindi to qualify for admission. As a matter of policy we do not admit students in Grade X and XII. The Aptitude Test and Personal Interview will be held in the school on any convenient day between March and June every year.

The question papers will be based on the general syllabi and not on the current textbooks.

Kindly note that admission to Grade XI and the choice of subjects stream will be considered purely based on the results of the board exams and the stream taken.

Our aim is to see to it that every child is happy once he/she joins the school and we expect the same from the parents also. We will not admit any child unless the father/mother or a responsible person from the family visits the school.

We look forward to learning more about your child.

Admission Office, Little Hearts Groups of School, 207-208, Shiv Nagar Colony, Bhiwani-127021, Haryana.

Tel:- 8199997306, 8199997329