Pre Primary Curriculum

In early years of child, Language development grows significantly, which leads to learning the names of objects of interest, the ability to ask for things, and as they discover their independent nature, they develop the ability to say, “No!” This is also a stage of rapid physical and intellectual development, preparing these children for starting school, which includes interacting cooperatively with peers while at the same time being able to compete physically and intellectually. The School provides the platform where students learn social skills, free-play, develop verbal ability and imbibe the skills and joy of creating things with their own hands through art and crafts which is an integral part of the curriculum. The curriculum is open-ended and the focus is on experiential learning. The focus in Class U.K.G is on cognitive development and enhancement of the language and interpersonal skills. The children are sensitised to the social and cultural concerns and encouraged to think, reflect on issues and arrive at their own solutions.

Each day begins with Circle Time, during which students are encouraged to express themselves and listen to their peers, developing empathy. The focus will vary from day to day and class to class, sometimes with topics that challenge and inspire, but each day seeking to develop that sense of self as well as developing an understanding of others.