The child is the centre of all our planning and effort. Our execution of plans is extremely effective because of a small student-teacher ratio. Our class strength being low, teachers can pay attention to each student.

Besides academics, teachers keenly observe children in different aspects of school life and provide support for the all-round development of students. Special remedial sessions are also offered to students who need these.

Each is unique, and so are one’s needs. Identification of these becomes crucial in the entire work plan.

How will I know how my child is getting on?

We place great importance on working closely with you, as parents and carers of all our students. Our teachers have a responsibility to establish home-school links which we believe assist in each child’s development at school.

You will have opportunities throughout the year to meet formally with school staff to discuss your child’s progress. During these meetings, you can discuss your child’s success and target levels, the opportunities available to your child, advice on supporting your child’s development and any other concerns you may have.

Should you have any issues you would like to discuss regarding your child’s progress in the meantime, please contact the school and arrange a meeting with your child’s tutor.