It is my proud privilege as chairman of Little Hearts Group of Schools to convey my heart-felt wishes for the Little Hearts family.

We have all worked hard all these years to impart a value-based education to our students. I am sure that we shall continue to strive for these values.

Our goal for excellence must be achieved and we shall all work harder to achieve this goal.

I wish all the teachers and the students a very fulfilling session.
With best wishes,

I welcome all the new and old students to the new session. Our chain of schools have as our mission and vision commitment to excellence.

This goal we must achieve at any cost. In the changing perspectives, education is the greatest tool for our country to meet the global challenges.

I am confident that all the Little Hearts Group family will work harder to meet these challenges and bring our Little Wards on a par with the very best.

Wishing you a wonderful academic session!

MR. PAWAN GOYAL, Managing Director
I feel delighted to welcome you all to the Little Hearts. From the inception of the first school till now, the journey of our progress has been full of challenges. But it has been a soul-satisfying journey as well.

Our mission to impart value-based education to our Little Wards has given us new insights in the realm of education. In imparting education to them, we have privileged to impart education to ourselves too.

We stand committed to parents and our pupils for a value-based education with a promise that our efforts will never cease.

Our goal with ever shine and we shall always march forward for a bright future of our students and our country.

Schools are known for their good students. A school’s contribution in the growth of a pupil cannot be underrated.

I am happy that Little Hearts Group of Schools are working in a dedicated manner to groom their students to reach the pinnacle of success.

We must work hard to achieve our goals.

MR. SANJAY GOYAL, General Secretory
I feel happy to welcome you all to the new session of the school. We, at Little Hearts, from the very start have committed ourselves to inculcate educational excellence, the quality of discipline and character. In fact these qualities have become a glorious tradition with us. Our commitment to the good grooming of our students has resulted in the multi-dimensional growth of our pupils.
I must reaffirm our faith in the potential of our little angels whose development- intellectual, emotional and physical- is our sole motto. I take this opportunity to register my thanks to an ever-growing number of parents who have reposed their faith in us. We shall at Little Hearts act guardians of this faith and do our best to groom our pupils.