The foundation stone of Little Hearts Public School was laid by the chairman Sh. Trilok Chand Goyal, Sh. Anand Prakash Goyal, Sh. Sanjay Goyal, Sh. Satyanarayan Goyal, Sh. Pawan Goyal & Principal Smt. Bhawna Goyal, Smt. Seema Goyal on 1st November, 2011.

The school has holistic approach to learning provides students with opportunities to acquire knowledge in a secure & supportive atmosphere.

Knowledge with understanding and skills with application acquired in an exciting and innovative manner through authentic learning programmes & experiences.

The mission of The Little Hearts Public School, Bhiwani is to provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes sound values, self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.

The school joins with parents and community to assist the students in developing skills to become independent self sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

The Little Hearts Public School, Bhiwani are emphatic about providing child-centric education, and keeping this in mind, we offer learning that is both interactive and experiential.

The teaching methodology is a diverse mix of the most recent innovations in education and is based on the latest findings in tutoring research.

We realise that a single method cannot suit everyone. Our teachers select the best combination of various approaches according to the learning styles and needs of their students.

They act as facilitators and guide the students in their learning using activities, audio-visual stimuli, projects and presentations. The focus remains on creating awareness in the students and providing them with experiences that they can apply to real-life situations.

Nurturing Individuality and Teamwork:

We believe that each child is unique and has infinite potential. We also believe that working in a team towards common goals furthers this potential. Multiple opportunities are created for students to develop distinctive identities as well as help them discover and articulate their individual roles within the group.

Providing Maximum Exposure:

We offer students and teachers a breadth of exposure and a culture that inspires creativity. Through this, we endeavour to prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of a globally connected world.

Inculcating a Passion for Excellence:

We aim for the highest standards across all areas of growth and development within our learning community.

Instilling Integrity:
We cultivate a sense of fair play, accountability and transparency in everything we do.

Encouraging Sensitivity:
We respond to and encourage sensitivity to each other’s cultures, individual needs and differences. We especially foster awareness and respect for the environment.

Fostering Dynamism:
We are an evolving institution that constantly assesses and refines our systems and processes.